Utilising the flexibility of the 9ft Faro Edge ScanArm and 8ft Platinum Inspection arm:-

- Reports can be generated in the manufacturing area/on-site.
- Negates the need to disassemble and ship large components.
- CAD to part comparison and feature measurement is instantaneous.

- Being both portable and accurate can see an improvement in quality, efficiency and cost.

Complex parts can be measured in situ on machining centres or in the assembled state eliminating the need to move the part to an inspection department and fixed CMM.


- Dimensional Inspection of Production Batches
- First Article Inspection Reports
- Design Verification
- Prototype Inspection
- Visual Inspection/sorting projects
- Overload Inspection
- Mould and Tooling Measurement

- Reverse Engineering
- On-Site Inspection
- CMM Training
- CMM Inspection
- 3D Laser Scanning
- Faro Arm Inspection

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